A few months ago, our manager Mary traveled to Colombia and won a bid for Colombia's top two best coffees in America! We're the only roaster in America that has these two amazing coffees. The coffees retail over $100 a pound but we’ve decided to heavily discount these amazing coffees for our customers during this time. Do not miss out a once in a lifetime opportunity to grab the #1 or #2 or both top coffee from Colombia today!


You can read more about her experience during her trip here: https://www.waterbean.coffee/single-post/2019/10/08/Best-Cup-Colombia-2019


Diego Becoche Zambrano has been a producer for most of his life, as he started growing coffee when he was 12 years old, alongside his father. At age 16 he became a farmer full-time, and how he owns a 4.5-hectare farm called Buena Vista, where he grows Castillo variety coffee on 4 hectares. The coffee is picked ripe when the cherries are purple, and depulped the same day they're harvested. Fermentation is done dry in a tank for 26 hours, after which time the coffee is washed three or four times. It's spread in parabolic driers for 21 days to dry.

#1 Ranked Best Cup Colombia

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Net Wt. 12oz
  • Roast



    Agua Clara, Suarez, Cauca




    1850 masl

    Tasting Notes

    Rich, Sugary and Winey with Chocolate, Caramelized Sugar and Raspberry Flavors.