CAFESCOR stands for Cafés Especiales Corquin, a certified-organic Fairtrade association of 131 producers that was founded in 2014 in Lempira, Honduras. The farmers hail from several municipalities, and they own small parcels of land in the mountainous region, with its fertile loamy soil. These farms are on "the other side of the mountain" from Chalatenango, El Salvador, which is the region in that country where we have found the best-cupping coffees. The producers here grow under shade trees, which provide plenty of organic material for composting and fertilization. The processing facility of CAFESCOR is located in a central point between where the producers live and work.


After picking, the coffee is fermented underwater for 15–18 hours, then washed once to remove the mucilage. Drying takes place in mechanical driers for 30–35 hours, or on patios for 10–15 days.


  • Roast



    Corquin, San Pedro de Copán, Lempira




    1200-1700 masl

    Tasting Notes

    Sweet and Smooth with Tart Acidity, Toffee and Citrus Fruit Flavors.