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Why I keep coming back to Waterbean Coffee?

A couple years ago a friend of mine was telling me about this awesome new coffee shop called Waterbean. She told me the coffee was so good and the products they use are a lot healthier for you than other coffee shops. A group of us decided to go there after a workout one morning and from that moment on I was hooked. I've gone there every morning for the last couple years to get my coffee (a large salted caramel latte-iced in the summer and hot when its cold outside) and couldn't imagine going anywhere else. Its obvious from the moment you walk into Waterbean that they take pride in what they do and the products they deliver. The environment is so clean and welcoming. Its one of my favorite hang outs with the girls when we have time to get together. The staff is so kind and friendly...after all, I feel like the girls that work the early morning shift have become my friends. I can always count on them to help get my morning off to a good start by greeting me with a smile and casual small talk as they make my delicious latte. Even though I only see the owner, Tony occasionally, he always remembers my order and to ask about my job. The staff as a whole takes the time to get to know their customers and genuinely care about them having a great experience. Recently, I had to travel out of town and didn't have a Waterbean to go to for my morning coffee and it quickly reminded me of how superior their coffee tastes compared to other shops. I've tried many coffee shops over the years, but none of them can ever come close to being as good as Waterbean.

-Lindsay Ferro

Wow...the reasons are many. Not only is the coffee wonderful and flavorful but the baristas are amazing at creating specific orders perfectly. The owner, Tony, is always welcoming and has great attention to detail - and all the baristas are super friendly and personable. I love the use of their own roasted coffee beans and the vegan/vegetarian approved syrups too.

My husband and I travel a lot and I always seek out the best coffee wherever we go-specifically almond milk lattes-and ironically the very best coffee/latte is right down the street at my local Waterbean coffee in Cornelius!

-Jane Park

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