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What make our coffee shop unique?

When it comes to food, our founders, Tony and Annie, have a lot of experience. Growing up in a family that owned multiple restaurants and travelled around the world tasting different types of food from many cultures, our founders know what the consumer wants when it comes to food. Every food item that we decided to put on our menu has been a purposeful choice. Nothing is there just for the sake of it.

We created the Sizzlewiches, which are currently available only at our Huntersville location. Not a lot of people have heard of this dish unless they grew up in Vietnam. The Sizzlewich has been Tony’s favorite food to make, ever since he was a little kid. Growing up away from his parents, he wanted to make something that reminded him of his mother, so he would make this dish as much as possible for his family and friends. When we decided to open up our Huntersville location, he knew right away that this was the signature food item that he wanted our customers to be able to enjoy. He did his own thing, substituting the bean sprouts on the traditional Vietnamese Crepes with lettuce and allowing customers to add turkey, ham, roast beef, bacon, salami, and even cheese to them. As for how they taste, nothing can really describe it because they are just so darn good that you want to eat 30 at a time. (Tony said he did just that all of the time, but we still haven’t see him do it yet!) Our Sizzlewiches are a fantastic gluten-free choice, too!

The next most popular choice on our food menu is our Banh Mi, a traditional Vietnamese sandwich. We’re pretty sure that we are the only specialty coffee shop in our area that offers Banh Mi. We marinate our chicken and pork overnight to bring out the best flavor possible, so our Banh Mi will taste unlike anything you’ve had before!

Lastly, we have been working very hard to come up with other food items that would go well with all of our offerings. That’s why we’re now serving soup, we’re happy to say that we’ve just created the tastiest sandwich ever!

We call it the Ribeye Melt. This sandwich is special because not only do we thinly cut the ribeye beef and marinate it overnight in our special sauce, but we also cook it to order. We promise this is the sandwich of all sandwiches!

Overall, our Founders’ goals are to always innovate and to create a place where people can enjoy different foods from all around the world in a single spot. No one does this, and this is something that has made us very proud!

Whether you want something that reminds you of France, such as our large selection of French macarons, or you want something that will take you to Japan, like our Mochi Ice Cream, Waterbean has you covered!

If you want a Korean breakfast/dessert, you can try our Cinnamon Twirls Honey Bread. Our Banh Mi will transport you to the Vietnamese countryside. Our handcrafted lattes and espressos made from coffee beans freshly roasted at our Huntersville location will remind you of Italy. If you want something that you won’t find anywhere else in the world, make sure to try our Sizzlewiches and the Ribeye Melt. If you want something simple, there’s always our amazing muffins, sandwiches, and the best drip coffee you ever have.

Our ultimate goal at Waterbean Coffee is to provide our customers with culinary opportunities that they will find nowhere else. We’re living in a world full of imitations, so we want to always be the innovators. We owe it to our customers to do just that! Now go try something amazing from our stores today!

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