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About Waterbean Coffee

Waterbean Coffee was first established in Cornelius, NC, during winter of 2013. Our founder, Tony Vo, and his wife Annie were discussing how a good cup of coffee requires just the right mixture of water and coffee beans to get the best taste. From that simple conversation, Waterbean Coffee was started.


Waterbean Coffee was the first specialty coffee shop in the Lake Norman area that offered pour-over, French Press, Aeropress, and over 5 different espresso single origin or blends for our customers to choose from.


Each one of our stores is uniquely designed. We set the bar very high by opening our second location only a few months after our first. This store in Huntersville is around 4000sq/ft and is still our largest location. Within just a short time, we became the fastest- and largest-growing local coffee shop and the only one with an International Location in Da Nang, Vietnam. Currently, we have a total of 14 locations, our own roastery, and a distribution center for all of our stores.


Here at Waterbean Coffee, we always try to stay original and never follow the trends. In a time when most coffee shops focus on getting the customers in and out of their doors the quickest, we try to give them a place to relax, hold meetings, go over schoolwork, or just hang out with friends. We want to be more than just another coffee shop. Our founder’s international background brings a unique aspect to the space that most people don’t have. This is reflected from our menu options all the way down to our store designs. One of Tony’s favorite quotes is from Henry Ford: “Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.”

Image of founders

Annie&Tony (Owner)

From the Press


“This is the third Waterbean Coffee location. The other two are both around Lake Norman (one is in Cornelius and the other in Huntersville).”


“Cornelius coffee shop brewing up Huntersville locales.”


“Best local coffee shop award 2017.”

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