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Be Part of Our Growing Family

Discover the Advantages of Franchising with Waterbean Coffee!

At Waterbean Coffee, we transcend the traditional coffee shop experience, priding ourselves on offering a top-notch environment and superior quality to all our valued customers.

Unmatched Ambiance: Picture us as an extension of your home or business, providing a space like no other. Whether you're on the go and need a quick cup of coffee, conducting a meeting, working on school projects, or simply unwinding, we strive to create a welcoming atmosphere for everyone.


Unrivaled Quality: At Waterbean Coffee, we settle for nothing less than the best. Our specialty syrups, sauces, and powders are imported directly from the United Kingdom. Moreover, our roastery is USDA certified organic, and we roast all our coffee in-house at our headquarters in Cornelis, NC.


Impressive Growth: Even before venturing into franchising, we have established ourselves as the fastest-growing and largest local specialty coffee brand in our region. Over the past few years, we've successfully expanded to an international location in the captivating city of Da Nang, Vietnam. With the global coffee market continuously growing and valued at USD 102.02 billion in 2020 (according to Business Wire magazine), the potential for growth remains high.


Unique Fusion: Embracing the best of both western and eastern cultures, we curate a product that is truly one-of-a-kind, offering our customers an experience they can't find anywhere else. 


Dedicated Support: Our commitment to our franchise partners is unwavering. We stand by them every step of the way, providing comprehensive support to ensure their success.

Join Waterbean Coffee today and become part of an exceptional franchise experience like no other in the coffee industry!

Meet Our Founders

A Modest Start: Back in the early spring of 2013, Tony Vo and his wife, Annie Lam, set out to find a cozy coffee shop where they could enjoy a cup of coffee together. To their surprise, they discovered a dearth of good local coffee shops in the vicinity. This simple realization sparked an idea, leading them to inaugurate their first coffee shop in the winter of the same year, situated in Cornelius, NC.

Family Values at the Core: At Waterbean Coffee, family is the heart and soul of everything. Tony and Annie cherish their roles as parents to two wonderful daughters, Alexandria and Adrianna. Growing up, both Tony and Annie were surrounded by families of accomplished entrepreneurs. Tony's parents owned a beverage distribution company in Vietnam, while Annie's parents were successful restaurateurs and real-estate professionals. These early exposures provided them with invaluable skills and insights that would later help them establish a remarkable specialty coffee house, offering a product that stands out from the rest.

A Unique Specialty Coffee: Drawing from their collective experiences and passion for coffee, Tony and Annie have crafted a specialty coffee that is truly unparalleled and cannot be found elsewhere.

Dedicated to Franchisee Success: Understanding the importance of strong relationships with their franchisees, Tony and Annie are committed to providing all the necessary knowledge and support to ensure the success of their franchise partners. They go above and beyond to assist and empower their franchisees throughout their journey.

Join Waterbean Coffee, where the essence of family, passion for specialty coffee, and unwavering support for franchisees come together to create an exceptional coffee shop experience.

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