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Why Start A Franchise With Waterbean Coffee?

We’re more than a traditional coffee shop. We pride ourselves in providing a first class environment and quality to our customers. 

Space: We provide our customers with an unmatched environment. We’d love for you to think of us as an extension of your home or business. Whether you are simply grabbing a fast cup of coffee to go, having a meeting in our shop, going over schoolwork, or just hanging out, we want to be that place where everyone feels welcome.


Quality: Everything we use at Waterbean Coffee is second to none! We import all of our specialty syrups, sauces, and powder straight from the United Kingdom. Our roastery is USDA certified organic, and roast all our coffee in-house at our headquarters in Cornelis, NC. 


Growth: Even before franchising we’re currently the fastest and largest local specialty coffee in our area. Since we opened just a few years ago, we've created a massive international location in the beautiful city of Da Nang, Vietnam. Based on Business Wire magazine the global coffee market was valued at USD 102.02 billion in 2020 and is still growing.


Unique: We incorporate western culture and eastern culture together to bring our customers a product that they can’t get anywhere else. 


Support: We’re here for our franchise partners every step of the way.


Meet Our Founders

A Humble Beginning: In early spring of 2013, Tony Vo and his wife, Annie Lam were on the lookout for a good coffee shop to grab a cup of coffee together. However, both realized the lack of good local coffee shops in the area. This simple conversation lead them to open their first location in the winter of 2013 in Cornelius, NC. 


Family means everything to Waterbean Coffee. Tony and Annie have two beautiful daughters: Alexandria and Adrianna. Tony and Annie both had the opportunity to grow up in families that were full of successful entrepreneurs. Tony’s parents owned a beverage distribution company in Vietnam, and Annie’s parents owned a restaurant and were in the real-estate business. These experiences lead Tony and Annie to learn from an early age all of the skills they'd use to open a specialty coffee house. Now they’ve created a specialty coffee you can’t find anywhere else.


Tony and Annie believe the relationships with their franchisees are very important and will do whatever it takes to make sure their franchisees have the knowledge they need to be successful. 

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