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What Have We Learn About Roasting Coffee?

When our founder Tony decided that we would begin roasting our own coffee, he spent months researching which particular coffee roaster would be able to deliver exceptional quality to our customers. Just like all of the equipment in our store, we decided on each of them without a budget in mind. We knew that this will be the equipment that deliver our customers their coffee everyday, so we wanted nothing but the best. We're very proud of everything we have behind our bar.

We wanted to have a coffee roaster that would be able to deliver exceptional quality consistently, so we decided on the Probat P12/2 roaster. What we have learned so far from roasting on this amazing roaster is that we be able to duplicate our recipes over and over again consistently, which is a huge part of keeping our coffee tasting the same every time.

We learned that roasting takes time and patience to get it right. Most importantly, roasting is all about math. During roasting, we have complete control over the temperature and time of each batch of coffee. So we have to be able to determine the best temperature and time for that particular type of coffee. Coffee of different origins behaves differently in the roaster. Some coffee beans are more sensitive to heat than others. Because of these differences, we had to test each batch over and over again at different temperature levels and drop points.

No coffee roaster is alike or behaves exactly the same, so you can’t just pull recipes from the internet (like you might for a cooking recipe) and expect the same result. The gas pressure could be off a little, and the coffee would taste completely different. Therefore, the only way to find the best recipe for any particular coffee is to constantly test our recipes over and over again until we find the perfect fit.

We also realize that everyone's palate is different. So our job when we roast coffee is to find the best coffee curve to bring out all of the flavors that particular coffee has to offer. You might prefer something a little chocolaty compared to fruity. We can offer you just what you want, because we’re the only coffee shop in the area that offers five different types of espresso for our espresso-based drinks.

In the end, roasting is all about trial and error. If you’re good at math and know how each origin of coffee reacts at different temperatures and times, you can be a good roaster. Therefore, we have high confidence that we can consistently deliver our customers the best cup. Because math and science is what we’re good at!

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